Intense flames consuming dry brush in a forested region, highlighting the impact of a wildfire.

Breaking News: Massive Forest Fire Threatens Leona Vicario’s Agricultural Zone

Earlier today, the Leona Vicario Heroic Fire Department in Quintana Roo was dispatched to tackle a brush fire near the La Milpa subdivision, located within the Agricultural Zone. Upon arrival, they found over 300 meters of low jungle ablaze, with the flames still spreading.

The firefighters immediately began operations to control the fire at its source. As they advanced, they created a fire line to prevent the flames from consuming more vegetation. According to data from the rescue team, the fire may have been ignited by discarded glass bottles. These bottles can act like a magnifying glass, focusing the sun's rays and setting dry grass alight.

The Civil Protection Directorate has been informed of the situation and will commence surveillance of the area early tomorrow. The firefighters are also set to return and continue their operations.

This incident follows another fire from last weekend, which spiraled out of control on highway 307, at kilometer 315 near the border with Solidaridad. Firefighters from Puerto Morelos were able to control the blaze, which was determined to have been started intentionally.

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