Police vehicles and officers conducting a roadside operation with traffic cones on a sunny day by a rural road with utility poles and vegetation in the background.

Fatal Shooting Rocks Cancún-Puerto Morelos Highway

A man tragically lost his life in an armed attack this past Saturday, on the Cancún-Puerto Morelos federal highway near Croco Cun Zoo park. He was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, lying on the asphalt of the road.

Emergency services were promptly alerted to the situation. Shortly after, State Police and paramedics arrived on the scene. The paramedics confirmed the man's death upon their arrival.

Following the confirmation, the Ministerial Police and specialists from the Attorney General's Office (FGE) began their investigations at the crime scene. Meanwhile, the deceased was transported to the Forensic Medical Service facilities. As of now, the victim remains unidentified.

Preliminary information suggests that the victim was a man in his thirties. He was of slim build and had a dark complexion. He was found wearing a light-colored shirt and denim trousers.

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