Council members sitting at a long meeting table inside an office with the logo of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo in the background.

Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo Ensures Computer System Security for 2024 Elections

The Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (IEQROO) has affirmed the security of its computer systems amidst the current electoral process. This assurance comes after an incident where the Institute's official account on a certain social media platform was compromised. The organization clarified that this was an isolated incident.

IEQROO emphasized that all its systems are currently undergoing an audit. This action reinforces their adherence to computer security standards and safeguards the integrity of the information generated for the Local Electoral Process 2024.

Last Wednesday, the Institute announced through an official statement that their official account on the social media platform was temporarily out of their control. Therefore, any comments, opinions, and expressions made from that account should not be attributed to the organization. They are taking necessary steps to regain control of the account, which has since disappeared from the platform, awaiting restoration and return to its rightful owner.

IEQROO remains committed to transparency and legality in the 2024 Electoral Process. They continue to guarantee the security and reliability of their computer systems to protect the integrity of electoral information.

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