Local women in traditional attire selling crafts and textiles at an outdoor market with a man taking a photo in the background

Artisans Drive Economic Growth in Felipe Carrillo Puerto!

Artisans are set to play a pivotal role in the economic growth of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, according to Mary Hernández, Morena's candidate for the Municipal Presidency. Hernández has pledged her commitment to the economic development of this Mayan municipality, with a particular focus on the local artisan community.

As part of her strategy to stimulate the local economy, Hernández plans to establish artisan villages. These will prioritize support for small and medium producers, leveraging the unique talents and skills of the indigenous and rural communities.

"Sustainable tourism will be a key focus, particularly with the imminent opening of the Airport and the Gate to the Sea," Hernández stated. She believes these developments will attract a significant number of visitors eager to explore the region's cultural richness. This influx of tourists will generate substantial economic benefits, directly impacting local artisans.

Hernández also plans to zone for economic and touristic potentials in key locations within the municipality. These include Xpichil, Santa Rosa, Kopchen, Señor, Noh Bec, Chunhuhub, Tihosuco, Muyil, Chun On, Chumpon, Chun Yah, Betania, and the municipal seat, Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

In addition to these initiatives, Hernández has reaffirmed her commitment to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). She plans to offer workshops, courses, and training to enhance the productivity and quality of artisanal products, with a particular emphasis on support for small and medium producers.