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Surge in Mexican Caribbean Tourism: 23% More Cruise Passengers!

Tourism in the Mexican Caribbean has seen a significant boost in the early part of the year. The first two months saw a 9% increase in international visitors, with the main influx coming from the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Colombia.

France, in particular, saw a notable rise in visitors, even surpassing the United Kingdom. The United States led the pack with 1.3 million tourists, followed closely by Canada with 552,000 visitors. France welcomed approximately 63,000 visitors, while the United Kingdom saw 61,000 tourists.

In South America, Colombia and Argentina were the leading sources of tourists to the region. Brazil, despite ranking tenth, sent almost 20,000 travelers to the Mexican Caribbean during this period. This is an impressive figure considering the electronic visa system has not yet been activated for Brazil. However, a recovery is expected once the digital system is implemented.

Overall, both national and international tourism grew by 4.5%. This growth was driven by a 3.5% increase in air passengers and a significant 23% surge in cruise tourism.

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