A large cruise ship named 'ICON OF SEAS' is docked in a blue sea with smaller vessels nearby and a clear sky above.

Cozumel’s Quiet Day: 7,000 Visitors Bring Economic Boost of 10 Million!

Cozumel has experienced a quieter day in terms of tourism, with an estimated 7,000 visitors arriving via two international cruises and seven flights. These arrivals are projected to generate an economic boost of over 10 million pesos. The majority of the port activity on this particular Wednesday was concentrated on the southern docks.

The largest dock, Puerta Maya, welcomed the Carnival Valor cruise ship from 06:30 to 16:00 hours. Meanwhile, the Icon of the Seas was docked at the SSA México from 06:00 to 18:00 hours.

In terms of air travel, two flights from Houston arrived, along with an equal number from Mexico City. There was also a flight from Atlanta, one from Miami, and another from Dallas, bringing the total to seven incoming flights.

Each cruise is estimated to contribute an economic boost of approximately 4 million 080 thousand pesos. This is based on the assumption that each of the three thousand tourists on board will spend an average of 80 dollars. Each flight, carrying an average of 110 passengers, also contributes to the economy. These passengers typically stay for 4.5 days, spending an average of 160 dollars per day. Therefore, the total economic contribution for this quieter Saturday is calculated to be around 10 million 254 thousand 400 pesos.