Visitors including a woman pointing at a photograph observe and discuss artworks displayed on a gallery wall.

Discover the Beauty of Cozumel’s Environment Day Exhibit

Cozumel's Island Museum recently unveiled a new photographic exhibition, "Biocultural Contrast", in celebration of World Environment Day. The exhibition showcases the region's natural and cultural wonders, aiming to raise awareness and encourage environmental care.

The collection features stunning images captured by nature photographers Yatie García, Héctor González, and Jesús Benavides. Organized by the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC), the exhibition offers a unique insight into the biodiversity and cultural traditions of Cozumel and the state of Quintana Roo.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to appreciate the region's diverse beauty through the lenses of García, González, and Benavides. The goal of the exhibition is to promote a greater sense of awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

The "Biocultural Contrast" exhibition will be open to the public until the end of July. It is hoped that the exhibition will significantly contribute to the environmental education and awareness of its visitors.

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