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Heartbreaking: Couple Dumps Healthy Dog to Move Abroad

A couple living in Puerto Aventuras has been publicly criticized for their alleged plan to euthanize their healthy pet dog, Vivo, to avoid the hassle of taking him to Canada. Vivo, a well-trained and friendly dog, was not ill. His owners reportedly wished to put him to sleep to simplify their travel plans.

Fortunately, no veterinarian was willing to comply with this distressing request. As a result, the couple, identified only as Jean and John, chose to abandon Vivo on the streets instead.

In a turn of events, a young woman found and rescued Vivo. She is currently covering the costs of his care, but resources are limited. Vivo now needs a loving home where he can spend the rest of his days.

Vivo is already vaccinated and neutered. He is a medium-sized dog and is well-behaved, displaying better manners than the couple who wanted to discard him.

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