Confirmed Arrivals of Cruise Ships to Cozumel and Costa Maya

After the restart of cruise docking in Cozumel, the Port Authority  of Quintana Roo confirmed the arrival of 35 ships between June and July.

After the Adventure of The Seas docked in Cozumel yesterday for the second time in less than a week, bringing 1,114 tourists, the island’s director of Tourism and Economic Development, Pedro Hermosillo, announced that between June and July 24, cruise ships are scheduled to arrive.


Royal Caribbean International, Carnival and Celebrity Cruises, bring ashore approximately 50 thousand people  including crew members and passengers who will leave approximately five million dollars in Cozumel, considering that their average spending ranges between 100 and 110 dollars.

The first pier to be reactivated was SSA Mexico, located on the southern coast of Cozumel, where the Adventure of The Seas docked and on July 8 the Puerta Maya terminal will open as well, where the Carnival Vista will arrive.

 The president of the Mahahual Restaurant Association, Luis Gómez, reported that on June 29 the first cruise will arrive at the Costa Maya port in southern Quintana Roo, and in July, 10 more boats are expected to dock.

Source: En Cadena

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