Cocaine and Marijuana Found in Playa del Carmen Shipping Store

The Solidaridad municipal K9 unit’s drug sniffing dog detected two drug shipments in a Playa del Carmen package store; the first one contained cocaine and the second one marijuana.

Playa del Carmen – Cocaine and Marijuana Found in Playa del Carmen Shipping Store. Quintana Roo Police officers, in coordination with the canine team, managed to secure two packages containing drugs in a parcel service establishment in the municipality of Playa del Carmen.

Cocaine and Marijuana Found in  Playa del Carmen

According to the information provided, this seizure occurred when the officers were carrying out their crime prevention and surveillance activities at the bus terminal located in the center of the city. When they passed by a parcel store on 12th Street, the canine became alert. The officers immediately entered the establishment to carry out a search.

Minutes later, the dog again became alert, and the officers requested authorization to open the packages. One of them contained white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine. The second one contained a non specified amount of compressed green grass, apparently marijuana.

Both packages were secured by police and taken to the agency’s facilities so that they could later be handed over to the competent authority for the initiation of the investigations.

Source: MEGA News

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