A group of people listening to a speaker at an outdoor construction setting, with workers in hard hats in the background near a tunnel entrance.

“Outrage in Citilcum as Residents Vow to Halt Maya Train Project!”

A community meeting in Citilcum took a contentious turn on Wednesday afternoon. Originally intended as a peaceful gathering, the meeting quickly escalated into a series of complaints against the Maya Train project's management team. The residents of Citilcum were called to discuss the progress of the project, which is overseen by FONATUR and the Asvindi company. However, the community members refused to accept the current state of the project, citing it as incomplete and non-operational until May 20th.

Tensions rose when the project representatives failed to address concerns about the community's road paving. This lack of response triggered a flood of grievances, including issues related to the relocation of a local school situated behind the project. One frustrated resident expressed fears about the project's long-term stability, stating, "This (the depressed passage) will fall apart over the years. My children might not be here, but my grandchildren will be. I refuse to risk their safety for a poorly constructed project."

The same resident also criticized the project as a personal indulgence for President AMLO, saying, "The same woman who is running (for candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum) said this week that it was a whim for him (AMLO)." The community members threatened to block the Maya Train route on Thursday, May 16th, if their concerns are not adequately addressed.