A split image showing a man on the left with text overlay "Exposing Airport Taxi 1000$ SCAM from Cancun" and a scene with a police car and a person being questioned at night on the right.

Cancún Taxi Driver’s Shocking Scam on Tourist Exposed

A taxi driver in Cancún was arrested after allegedly overcharging a foreign tourist for a journey between terminals at the Cancún Airport. The incident came to light when Canadian tourist Xavier Cormier posted a series of videos on social media, claiming that the taxi driver attempted to charge him a thousand dollars for the short trip.

Cormier had hailed a taxi from the airport and noticed that he was being charged in dollars, not pesos, once he was already in the vehicle. The fare amounted to a thousand dollars, which is equivalent to 17,120 pesos. When he questioned the driver and threatened to call the police, the driver reportedly tried to flee.

Local news outlets reported that the driver, known as Cristian José "N" or "Pollo," was arrested by the National Guard on suspicion of scamming the tourist. The arrest took place at around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, a day after Cormier made his complaint.

Despite the ongoing controversy, the driver was still working at the Cancún Airport at the time of his arrest. He was taken into custody for failing to comply with authority's instructions and for operating without the appropriate permit.

On Tuesday, Cristina Torres, the Secretary of Government of Quintana Roo, announced that Cormier had been reimbursed following the alleged scam attempt. Torres explained that support from the National Guard and the Ministry of Citizen Security arrived on the scene after Cormier lodged his complaint.

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Torres added that the case is currently under investigation, with federal authorities working to punish such behavior. She also stated that efforts are underway with federal and state agencies, as well as the Southeast Airport Group (ASUR), to enhance security and mobility for users and visitors at the Cancún International Airport.