Rows of wooden stakes on a sandy beach, marked for turtle nesting conservation efforts, with a green fence and urban backdrop.

Exciting Times in Cancún as Sea Turtles Begin Nesting Season!

Cancún's Department of Ecology has started preparing for the upcoming sea turtle nesting season. This involves training hotel staff, volunteers, and local associations to handle the anticipated arrival of the first sea turtles. Although the season typically begins in May, historical data suggests that the turtles could start arriving as early as the end of April.

Tania Fernández, the General Director of Ecology, emphasizes the crucial role of cooperation between the hotel industry and municipal authorities in caring for these species. Over 300 individuals who will interact directly with the nests and turtles have received training.

In 2023, 50 turtle corrals were set up, and it is projected that 54 will be installed in 2024, contingent on the number of arriving turtles. The nesting area in Cancún stretches about 12 kilometers, from Punta Cancún to El Club Med. Various groups, including the Marina, Public Security, the hotel and tourism sector, Public Services, and Civil Protection, are all participating in the effort.

Fernández is urging the community to help preserve the nesting environment by keeping the sand clean and free from litter, waste, and cigarette butts. In 2023, over 11,000 nests were recorded, and at least 9,000 are expected in 2024. However, these numbers can vary depending on several factors, such as weather conditions and the presence of sargassum seaweed.