A cream-colored puppy with a hopeful expression peering through a chain-link fence.

“Revolutionizing Pet Shelters: Cancún City Council Taking Action!”

The Benito Juárez City Council in Cancún is working on a project with approximately 25 animal shelters. The aim is to help these shelters meet regulations and become fully constituted associations. Many of these shelters currently do not comply with municipal ordinances, such as having the necessary space to house a certain number of animals.

The City Council acknowledges its own lack of space for animals. However, they are striving to gradually assist in providing regulation. They hope that the new Animal Protection and Welfare Center, planned to be located at the site of the old municipal slaughterhouse, will provide enough space to alleviate some of the burden these shelters are carrying. This will also allow for continued regulation according to municipal guidelines.

Other issues being addressed include potential tax aids to help shelters become constituted and comply with the municipal reorganization of the Animal Welfare Department. The council is also exploring the possibility of shelters becoming donors. This would enable businesses to support them with resources such as fodder, facility modifications, and other necessities.

Collaboration with the state government is ongoing to potentially exempt animal shelters from the payment of rights to become civil associations. This would also make them eligible to become donors. Part of this work includes support for registering pets that these associations and groups have within the Municipal Pets Registry. Despite these efforts, some resistance to this process remains.