Left: Early stages of flooding with water covering the ground. Right: Later stage with turbulent water flow and submerged vegetation.

“Fear of Isolation: Bacalar Communities Threatened by Rising Rainwater”

Communities in the southern rural areas, predominantly in Bacalar, are experiencing the first instances of rainwater drainage following heavy rainfall not only in Quintana Roo but also in other southeastern states. Residents of Andrés Quintana Roo, a municipality of Bacalar, have reported rising water levels that are now crossing the access road, raising fears of isolation. The water has overflowed the road that links them to the town of Reforma, and subsequently to the municipal headquarters.

In the same area, the community of Huatusco also reported an increase in water flow. Further northwest of the municipality, the situation is similar, with residents sharing videos demonstrating the challenges they face when traveling on the road that connects them to Río Verde. The rural areas of Bacalar and Othón P. Blanco are particularly affected by unusual rainfall, as it creates rivers that flow into lagoon bodies or the Río Hondo, causing destruction in their path.

Near Chetumal, travelers on the federal highway have expressed concerns about leaks observed in the infrastructure of the new bridge that is part of the Tren Maya project, located at the entrance of Chetumal. So far, those responsible for the project have not commented on these events. However, drivers have documented evidence that the recent heavy rains have caused leaks in the side walls of the structure.

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Civil engineer Alonso García Sánchez, who has participated in the construction of this type of infrastructure at a national level, compared the new bridge to the two existing bridges at the entrance of Chetumal. He noted that despite being built using similar techniques, the existing bridges have not reported this type of drainage even during the heaviest rains. This is because water is distributed through channels that protect the structure from damage and prevent the road surface from becoming hazardous for drivers.

The authorities responsible for the Tren Maya project have not yet issued an official statement on the cause of this phenomenon or whether corrective measures will be necessary to reassure users. It's worth noting that just a few days ago, the detachment of the concrete slabs containing the soft material of a bridge that is part of the Tren Maya project in Maxcanú was reported, a situation similar to the one in Chetumal.