A group of people smiling for a photo, seated and standing in a casual outdoor area, some holding informational brochures and certificates.

Atenea Gómez Vows to Boost Isla Mujeres Tourism!

Atenea Gómez has announced her commitment to further promote Isla Mujeres as a leading tourist destination. She aims to support tourism projects that will enhance the island's success, generating increased prosperity for the local community.

During discussions with tourism industry workers, Gómez, who is running for municipal president of Isla Mujeres under the "We Keep Making History" coalition, encouraged them to maintain their high-quality service. She stressed the importance of providing warm hospitality to the thousands of visitors who flock to the island each year.

Gómez, who represents the Morena, Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), and the Labor Party (PT), outlined her plans to continue promoting tourism on the island. She is determined to ensure that Isla Mujeres remains a top choice for holidaymakers.

Among her proposals, Gómez plans to pave the entire island and establish the first public parking lot. She also intends to offer training for those working in the tourism sector. Furthermore, she will work on improving the urban image of Downtown, restoring the historic Mundaca Hacienda, and rehabilitating the Oriente boardwalk.

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