A split image showing a beachside conservation area on the left and a hand with a glove holding sea turtle eggs in a sandy hole on the right.

70 Turtle Nests Protected from Hurricane Beryl!

In Playa del Carmen, 70 turtle nests were protected during the passage of Hurricane Beryl through Quintana Roo. Officials ensured no damage was inflicted on the nests. Lucely Ramos Montejo, the director of Environmental Management and Climate Change in Solidaridad, stated that a contingency plan was put in place before the hurricane arrived to safeguard nests that were vulnerable to flooding.

During the hurricane, the turtle eggs were placed in styrofoam boxes to shield them from potential harm caused by strong winds. Montejo clarified that it wasn't necessary to move all the nests, as not all were at risk of flooding or located near a mangrove.

"Only in three pens was it necessary to use a technique of placing them in styrofoam boxes. Thankfully, not many nests were at risk, particularly in the northern area where we see the greatest number of sea turtles. The pens in this area are situated high on dunes, so flooding is not a concern and they are not near any mangroves," Montejo explained in an interview.

Montejo reported that there are 320 nests in Playa del Carmen, containing more than 28,572 eggs. She also confirmed that the eggs are still incubating and are awaiting the start of the hatching period. Some hatchlings have already been released.

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"Activities are continuing as usual and we are still monitoring the sea turtles. Some hatchlings have already been released, especially at night," Montejo concluded.