A group of individuals standing in a nightclub with faces obscured for privacy next to tables and chairs under ambient lighting conditions.

Shocking Rescue: 17 Women Saved from Exploitation at Playa del Carmen!

In a recent raid on a snack bar in Playa del Carmen, the National Guard and the Attorney General's Office (FGE) managed to rescue 17 women. These women were victims of both sexual and labor exploitation. The raid was conducted at a venue on Constituyentes Avenue, nestled between the Cancún-Tulum federal highway. During the operation, three men, identified only as Luis Alfredo “N”, Emmanuel “N” and Ángel Alberto “N”, were arrested. They are suspected of involvement in human trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation.

The Special Prosecutor's Office dedicated to combating human trafficking confirmed that 15 of the rescued women were of Argentine nationality, with the remaining two being Mexican. The foreign victims were lured to Mexico with false promises of employment in the city's luxury hotels. However, upon their arrival, they were coerced into working grueling shifts in bar-restaurants. This exploitation was made possible due to the unemployment and poverty they were facing in their home country.

Following the operation, agents secured the premises with assurance seals. The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry, who will determine their legal status.

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