A group of performers in matching costumes smiling together on a theater stage with a spotlight illuminating them from above.

Yucatan University’s Unique Dance Program Graduates Shine in Debut Showcas

The University of the Arts of Yucatan (UNAY) has proudly announced the graduation of the inaugural class from its unique Contemporary Dance degree program. To celebrate, the public is invited to attend the Metanoia: Steps and Persistence season, an exhibition of choreography created by the students.

The director of Dance UNAY, Diana Bayardo Mercado, revealed that the exhibition includes 14 choreographies. One of these is a group performance, while the remaining 13 are solo performances. All pieces were conceived and developed as part of the Scenic Practice II, Scenic Production, and Promotion and Dissemination courses, under the guidance of teachers Ligia Aguilar, Carolina Canul, and Alejo Medina.

The performances are free to attend and will take place on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th of June, at 7pm each evening. On Sunday the 9th, there will be two performances, one at noon and one at 7pm. All performances will be held at the official UNAY premises, the Old Railway Station within the Black Box forum.

Bayardo Mercado explained that throughout the four years of the Contemporary Dance degree, students create original choreographies under the guidance of different teachers. They also participate in artistic residencies with invited international artists. This results in a significant number of pieces that have been presented at various venues in Merida and throughout the state at special events.

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The graduating class has participated in events such as Shared Territories in both editions, a program carried out in collaboration with the Secretary of Culture and the Arts and Planet Youth in municipalities of the state of Yucatan. They also took part in the scenic meeting Camp in.

The first graduating class includes Raquel Zaragoza, Fernanda Navarrete, Diana Mariam, Wendy Chan May, Vica Alvarado, Daira Salas, Michelle Berdugo, Omayra Castro, Andrea Loya, Alejandro Poot, Carlos Vazquez, Mauricio ChiPis-té and Alam Naresh.