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Yucatan Election Chaos: Scandals Unleashed!

With just two weeks remaining until the Yucatan elections, the State Attorney General's Office has reported receiving 33 complaints. These complaints are related to alleged common crimes linked to the electoral process, occurring in both Merida and other municipalities within the state.

The Yucatan Prosecutor's Office clarified that all complaints received fall under the jurisdiction of common law, not electoral law. The alleged crimes include damage to property, insults, threats, and other offences. These are typically associated with incidents such as defacing or removal of campaign materials, graffiti on walls, and verbal threats or abuse.

The complaints have been lodged by members and representatives of various political parties, as well as some individual citizens. The parties involved include the PAN, PRI, Morena, PVEM, and Movimiento Ciudadano.

No further information or updates on the legal status of these complaints have been released, as they are currently under investigation. The relevant legal documentation is also being compiled.

The campaign for the election of the state governor began on March 1 and is set to conclude on May 29. Similarly, the campaigns for local deputies and municipalities started on March 31 and will also end on May 29.

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