A group of professionals, including a police officer in uniform, gathered in a civic office with a "JUZGADO CÍVICO" sign on the wall.

New Justice System Introduced in Yucatán Capital!

Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro is overseeing the implementation of the new Municipal Police Civic Court in Mérida, the capital of Yucatán. This new justice system is designed to not only penalize administrative offenses but also to work proactively to prevent such behavior. The aim is to foster a healthy community, ensure citizen safety, and uphold the rights of all individuals in public spaces.

The new Civic Court model will play a significant role in reinforcing a culture of legality. It will also provide a transparent and efficient means of resolving conflicts within the community.

Accompanied by Celia Rivas Rodríguez, the council president of the Security and Traffic Commission, Julio Sauma Castillo, the municipal secretary, and Mario Arturo Romero Escalante, the director of the Municipal Police, Mayor Castro toured the police facilities. He noted that Mérida is not only investing in high-tech equipment to enhance public security strategies but is also focusing on the professional development of the municipal justice system. This includes conflict resolution through dialogue and mediation.

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