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Shocking Acid Attack in Cancún: Woman Jailed for 15 Years

A woman identified as Coral "N" has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a violent assault on a pregnant woman and her helper in Cancún, Mexico. Coral "N" threw muriatic acid in the face of the pregnant woman and injured a second woman with a bladed weapon at a residence in Campestre.

The State Attorney General's Office reported that Coral "N" was found guilty after a trial. The incident occurred three years ago, and the sentencing includes a 15-year prison term.

On July 23, 2021, Coral "N" deceitfully gained entry into the home of the pregnant woman, who was nine months into her pregnancy at the time. Once discovered, she sprayed muriatic acid in the pregnant woman's face, causing burns to one of her corneas and resulting in permanent disability.

During the ensuing struggle, the pregnant woman cried out for help. A woman working in the house rushed to her aid, but Coral "N" drew a bladed weapon and injured her on the arm.

The court sentenced Coral "N" to 12 years in prison and 120 days of fines for the attack on the pregnant woman. For the attack on the second woman, she received a further three-year sentence and 100 days of fines. In total, Coral "N" will serve 15 years in prison and pay 220 days of fines.