“Woman Sentenced for Human Trafficking in Benito Juárez – Shocking Details Revealed!”

In Benito Juárez, a woman known as Ligia Johana "N", or "La Hondureña", has been convicted for her involvement in human trafficking, specifically in the form of prostitution. This conviction was secured by the Attorney General's Office and the Special Prosecutor's Office for Combating Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents.

The case originated from virtual patrolling, where investigators discovered a suspicious Facebook profile that was posting job offers targeted at young women. These posts promised a monthly wage of up to five pesos, which raised suspicion among the authorities.

An undercover agent made contact with "La Hondureña" and discovered that the job postings were actually for positions in a brothel. Furthermore, it was revealed that they were recruiting underage girls. A meeting was arranged for April 11, 2023, which led to the arrest of Ligia Johana "N".

Following a thorough review of the evidence presented by the FGE, a judge handed down a sentence of four years and nine months in prison. In addition, "La Hondureña" was ordered to pay a fine of 93,366 pesos.

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