A wildfire consuming dry trees and underbrush, with flames and smoke visible, indicating a serious forest fire situation.

“Devastating wildfires sweep through Lázaro Cárdenas jungle”

Uncontrolled agricultural burning has led to an outbreak of wildfires in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, posing a severe threat to the local jungle.

This season alone, over 40 wildfires have been reported in the area. One of the most significant is currently raging in the community of Constituyentes del 74, where it has already devastated over 40 hectares of medium and high jungle.

Paulino Uscanga, the director of municipal civil protection, has revealed that high temperatures have hindered efforts by the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) to control the fires. The flames, which are rapidly spreading deeper into the jungle, reportedly originated from lands in the municipality of Playa del Carmen.

Despite the best efforts of firefighters and volunteers, they have been unable to bring the fire under control. This has resulted in a significant threat to the area's flora and fauna.

Uscanga noted that one of the primary causes of these wildfires is the improper use of fire by landowners. When flames become uncontrolled, they can quickly lead to widespread wildfires.

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