Aerial view of a canal cutting through a forested area with adjacent cleared land and infrastructure visible under a cloudy sky.

Vulcan Materials Company Defies Mexican Government in Playa del Carmen

Vulcan Materials Company has publically accused the Mexican government of harassment and slander concerning a dispute over land in Playa del Carmen. The company purchased the property in the 1980s and insists it has no intention of relinquishing it.

"We will not abandon our investments and work, especially for a nominal value far from reality, unilaterally imposed by the Government of Mexico," the company stated. Vulcan Materials Company alleges it has been the target of "illegal actions" by the Mexican government, based on "false accusations".

The company claims that the government has used "political threats, abuses of authority and false accusations" to "justify the conversion of our property into a supposed 'Protected Natural Area'". However, they believe this area could be used for private tourism, large cruise operations, and naval activities. They have firmly stated, "we will not accept this illegal expropriation of our investments".

Vulcan Materials Company explains that the property was purchased after a hurricane in the 1980s due to its limestone reserves. The property is now located in a popular tourist region and includes a deep-water port, maritime infrastructure, freshwater lakes, preserved and reforested vegetation, and a large undeveloped portion of land initially recognized for quarry use.

For almost 40 years, the company has produced construction materials essential for the building and maintenance of airports, highways, avenues, streets, houses, schools, hotels, and shopping centers in the region. They insist that all permits were obtained legally and in accordance with Mexican laws and government stipulations.

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The company rejects claims of illegal or secretive actions, stating, "The constant assertions that we have acted illegally or secretly, or that our permits were irregularly granted are completely false, deliberately biased, and clearly propagandistic in an attempt to justify the government's illegal behavior."

Vulcan Materials Company also asserts its respect for environmental impact mitigation actions, adhering to international standards and earning Clean Company ratings from PROFEPA. They deny any negative impact on underground caves, cenotes, or archaeological remains.

The company emphasizes its investment in the Riviera Maya and states that the current status of this property "is that of a developing project subject to its conditioning for a future different use". They also clarify that they have not received a "generous offer" to purchase their property, only an informal appraisal that significantly undervalues their assets.