A group of people, some wearing hats, gather around police officers in a community setting, with one officer visible from the back wearing a vest labeled 'POLICE'.

Land Rights Dispute Sparks Violent Clashes in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

A land dispute in the X-Maben and Anexos ejido in Felipe Carrillo Puerto has spiraled out of control. Two factions of landowners are battling over the leadership of the Ejidal Commissary, with the first violent confrontations already taking place. Local authorities have been unable to quell the unrest, and even the municipal police were forced to retreat from the area.

The conflict has escalated to physical violence, including fist fights, stone-throwing, and machete attacks. Reports indicate that at least four people have been injured by bladed weapons. Red Cross paramedics were called to the scene, but the injured individuals sought medical attention independently, causing the ambulance to return to its base.

The conflict was sparked by the dismissal of Margarito Cituk and the appointment of Demetrio Ek Chan as the ejidal authority of X-Maben and Anexos. Cituk's supporters have blocked the road to Laguna Azul, while the opposing faction has surrounded Cituk's residence.

In light of these events, it is crucial for the municipal authority to restore peace and protect the innocent people who could be negatively affected by the escalating conflict.

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