A woman in a white cap and shirt holding a microphone and addressing a crowd at an outdoor event with people listening attentively.

“New School for Vida y Esperanza Community: Exciting Developments by Lili Campos”

The rural community of "Vida y Esperanza" is set to receive a new school, according to Lili Campos, the municipal presidential candidate for Solidaridad from the "Strength and Heart for Quintana Roo" alliance. This announcement comes in addition to various social programs already in place to support the community, including firm floors and roofs, water tank assistance, and solar panel installation.

Campos also mentioned plans to improve the road connecting the community to the federal highway. "They have asked us to replace the sheets again and we have committed to making this happen. We also aim to provide more light through additional solar panels, create play and sports areas, and continue supporting the construction and maintenance of their roads," she stated.

Campos further emphasized the importance of strengthening the community's economy. This will be achieved through support with seeds for production, smart irrigation systems, and providing spaces for the sale of their products in municipal markets, without the need for intermediaries.

"The growth of Solidaridad in the consolidation of the renewal integrates all sectors. Our rural communities are part of the economy of Solidaridad and we must defend them at the polls on June 2nd. Our commitment should be to defend our municipality, our families. We must vote and defend the quality of life of the people of Solidaridad because together we will continue renewing," she asserted.