Shocking Triple Taxi Driver Murder Trial Ends in 30+ Year Sentences

Following an extensive investigation and trial, a judge has convicted two men for the aggravated homicide of three taxi drivers in Playa del Carmen. The convicted individuals, Irvin Inti "N" and Carlos Arturo "N", were found guilty of the crimes which took place on August 24, 2022.

According to the case details, the two men arrived at a residence on Atila Street in the Villas del Sol subdivision on a motorcycle. The three victims were outside the property when Carlos Arturo "N" shot them with a firearm, before both men fled the scene. Tragically, all three taxi drivers succumbed to their injuries.

The court found both accused fully criminally responsible for the aggravated homicide. In a sentencing hearing, the judge imposed a 30-year prison sentence on Carlos Arturo "N" and a 35-year and six-month sentence on Irvin Inti "N".

In addition to their prison sentences, both men were ordered to pay a fine of 144,330 pesos. They were also instructed to pay double the amount of material and moral damages, totaling 486,873.20 pesos. The court also suspended their electoral rights as part of the sentencing.

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