A public Wi-Fi station by GigNet with QR codes for access, set against an evening sky with people in the background.

“Breaking: Tulum Gets Free Internet in Key Spots!”

Gignet, a leading internet provider, is set to launch free internet access in select areas of Tulum, Mexico. The service will be available in two key locations: the entrance to the Hotel Zone and the Municipal Palace. This move is part of Gignet's ongoing expansion efforts, which have already seen increased connectivity in Costa Mujeres and Riviera Maya.

The company's Vice President, Luis de Potestad, shared that the internet service modules cover an area of up to 36,000 square meters. However, the coverage area can vary depending on the conditions of the installation site, such as the number of trees and buildings in the vicinity.

In addition to providing internet access, Gignet plans to install urban furniture, like benches, at the Hotel Zone entrance. This will allow both locals and tourists to use the free internet service while waiting for transportation to hotels or archaeological sites.

Gignet is also providing internet service within the Tulum International Airport. Despite some minor electrical supply issues, the company is ready to operate in the airport located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto municipality.

The company's expansion efforts are not solely focused on providing high-speed, high-quality internet services. They also aim to enhance the overall tourist experience. As de Potestad noted, the quality of internet service plays a significant role in how tourists rate their experiences at a destination.

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In collaboration with the state Tourism Secretariat, Gignet is planning further expansion towards the south and the Maya Zone, with a specific focus on Maya Ka'an. However, de Potestad emphasized that Gignet prioritizes service quality over rapid expansion.

Despite these efforts, de Potestad admitted that Quintana Roo still has a long way to go in terms of internet speed. According to recent data, the region's internet speed is comparable to that of Uganda or Kazakhstan.