Shocking Tulum Motorcycle Crash Leaves 3 Injured

A motorcycle collision in Tulum's Ejidal neighborhood left three people injured, including a minor. The accident occurred when a motorcyclist, who was reportedly fleeing from another incident, rear-ended a second motorcyclist and his passenger.

The accident happened around 7 am, startling local residents with the loud crash. Upon investigating the noise, they discovered three injured individuals on the street. An ambulance was promptly called, and traffic police were alerted to the situation.

Paramedics from CostaMed arrived at the scene quickly, attending to the multiple injuries sustained by the victims. They paid particular attention to the minor involved in the accident. All three victims were then transported to a private hospital for further medical evaluation.

Eyewitnesses reported that the driver of a black Immortalika 150cc motorcycle, with Michoacan plates L2A05L, was heading north on Golondrinas Street, apparently fleeing from a previous accident. However, upon reaching Sian Ka'an Street, he collided with the driver of a green Italika 150cc motorcycle, who was signaling to make a left turn. The second motorcyclist and his passenger, a minor, were also injured in the collision.

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