A street scene cordoned off with police tape and multiple emergency vehicles present, bystanders looking on, with an overlay text stating "FUERTES IMÁGENES" which translates to "GRAPHIC IMAGES".

SHOCKING: Soccer Coach Fatally Shot on Cancun Field

In a shocking incident, a soccer coach was fatally shot on a sports field in superblock 232, Cancun. The assailants managed to escape following the attack, which took place at noon on the Niños Héroes Avenue field.

Local residents and witnesses reported that an individual approached the soccer field where the coach was present, drew a firearm, and opened fire. The attacker then fled the scene in an unspecified direction.

Emergency services were promptly alerted to the incident, with calls placed to the 911 hotline. Despite the swift arrival of a private ambulance service, the paramedics were unable to save the victim, confirming his death at the scene.

The area was quickly cordoned off as investigative police officers arrived to probe the incident. Forensic services removed the body from the scene, transferring it to a medical facility where a legal autopsy was conducted.

Preliminary reports suggest that the deceased was a soccer coach and had sustained at least five gunshot wounds.

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