Law enforcement officers stand in front of several detained individuals with evidence displayed in front of them, including packages and documents, inside a police station.

Shocking Arrests: Armed Attack on Taxi Driver & Family in Playa del Carmen

Seven individuals were arrested last night in connection with an armed attack on a taxi driver and his family in Playa del Carmen. The incident, which left the driver, his wife, and their 10-year-old daughter injured, took place in the "Las Torres" squatter area of the city.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat confirmed the arrests, stating they occurred during an operation carried out shortly after the attack was reported. The police seized a firearm, 22 live cartridges, and a spent cartridge, as well as quantities of methamphetamine, crack, and marijuana.

The individuals arrested were identified as Antonio "N", 40, Victor "N", 20, Angel "N", 18, and Mauricio "N", 38, all originally from Chiapas, as well as Antonio "N", 30, Reynaldo "N", 28, from Bacalar, and Silverio "N", 29, from Yucatan.

Following their arrest, the individuals were handed over to the State Attorney General's Office for further investigation.

The injured family members were transported to the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen in two ambulances. They are reportedly in stable condition.

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