Invest in Quintana Roo’s Real Estate Boom!

A delegation from Quintana Roo is set to attend the upcoming Tourism Summit in Puerto Vallarta, armed with a portfolio of at least 40 real estate projects. The goal is to attract further investment into the booming real estate sector. The focus will be on areas such as Tulum, Solidaridad, and Cancun, which have seen significant growth recently.

Patricia Mora, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in Quintana Roo, stated that the summit will take place at the end of June. The delegation will be working closely with the Ministry of Economic Development to stimulate the industry further. "Quintana Roo is a major catalyst for the industry. We're seeing a lot of interest from both foreign investors and nationals from Monterrey or Guadalajara, which is very positive for us," she said.

The summit, now in its thirteenth year, will run from June 26 to 28. It aims to promote international tourism investment. Quintana Roo will have a stand at the event to provide economic certainty and attract potential investors.

Mora emphasized the importance of the summit for the sector, particularly in the second half of the year when a surge in reactivation of investments is expected. Despite a pause due to the electoral process, interest in investment has remained high. "We at AMPI have had many meetings with interested foreign investors. This interest is largely due to the growing infrastructure in the area, which is attractive to companies," she explained.

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According to the Dynamics of Softec Market report, the Cancun – Riviera Maya corridor has a portfolio of 551 projects. These projects could result in 42,000 units, with Tulum accounting for the majority with over 284 projects. The focus is mainly on residential and residential plus housing sectors.