A group of people standing together on the beach, flanked by yellow objects, possibly water sports equipment, with a cloudy sky and sea in the background.

“Boosting Sailing Competitions in Quintana Roo with New Training”

The Mexican Sailing Federation recently applauded the participants and organizers of the “Regatta Committee” course, led by Francisco Jauregui at the Cancun Sailing Club. This course is designed to improve the organization and execution of local and state regattas, while also preparing for future national and international events.

The course's main objective is to boost the management capabilities during competitions, ensuring each event is conducted according to the highest quality standards. Francisco Jauregui's commitment and dedication were particularly lauded, as he played a pivotal role in training future regatta officials and markers.

The Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club also received special thanks for its exceptional event organization. In addition, the Windsurfing Association has been a keen collaborator in event logistics, contributing to the formation of a robust and well-prepared team for the region.

The collective effort is aimed at enhancing local skills and solidifying the region’s reputation. The Quintana Roo sailors have already achieved their sixth title at the CONADE National Games. This course is seen as a significant stride towards strengthening organizational abilities in sailing, ensuring that both local and larger-scale events are conducted with utmost excellence and professionalism.

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