A group photo of eleven adults standing in front of the Instituto Electoral de Quintana Roo sign, some holding certificates.

Tension in Quintana Roo Elections: Who Will Win Othón P. Blanco?

On Sunday, June 9, the district councils of Quintana Roo held a continuous session to finalize the vote count for the elections of the 11 municipal presidencies. The Quintana Roo Electoral Institute (Ieqroo) also determined the 10 local at-large deputies. In some instances, the counts are still ongoing. The municipality of Othón P. Blanco is currently experiencing the highest level of tension, with candidates Yensunni Martínez from Morena and Lidia Rojas from Movimiento Ciudadano both claiming victory.

Lidia Rojas, the candidate from Movimiento Ciudadano, arrived early at District Council 14, located in the state capital. She was accompanied by former Yucatán governor Ivonne Ortega, who is serving as a representative for Movimiento Ciudadano for this session. They announced their intention to request a thorough "vote by vote, box by box" count. Yensunni Martínez, on the other hand, held a press conference with the state leadership of Morena and the elected candidates of the Sigamos Haciendo Historia coalition. She reiterated her claim to the municipal presidency of Othón P. Blanco and dismissed "negative comments from those who are desperate out there". She stated, “The people of Othón P. Blanco once again trusted Yensunni Martínez to continue leading the municipal presidency.”

At its headquarters in Chetumal, the Ieqroo issued certificates to the 10 deputies based on proportional representation. These deputies will form part of the 25 seats that make up the XVIII Legislature of the state of Quintana Roo. The next Legislature will consist of 12 women and 13 men. The PAN party will have two representatives, Reyna Lesley Tamayo Carballo and Ángel Álvarez Cervera. The PRI party will have one representative, Filiberto Martínez Méndez. PVEM will have two representatives, Jorge Armando Cabrera Tinajero and Luz Gabriela Mora Castillo. The Movimiento Ciudadano party will be represented by José Luis Pech Varguez. Morena will have four representatives, Jorge Arturo Sanen Cervantes, Euterpe Alicia Gutiérrez Valasis, Ricardo Velazco Rodríguez, and Lilia Inés Mis Martínez.