A man in a vest and cap examining or caring for a medium-sized dog inside a room with a black wall and a map.

Quintana Roo Saves 156 Pets from Beryl Storm

In anticipation of the "Beryl" storm, the Quintana Roo government, led by Governor Mara Lezama, prioritized animal welfare. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Natural Areas of Quintana Roo, and the Environmental Protection Agency collaborated with local municipalities to safeguard animals.

Oscar Rébora, the head of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, led the rescue of 156 pets. These animals were relocated to shelters as part of the New Agreement for the Welfare and Development of Quintana Roo, an initiative championed by Governor Mara Lezama. This action was a significant part of the prevention protocols put in place for the storm.

Five shelters were established across the region. In Othón P. Blanco, 14 pets were accommodated; in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, 95 pets found refuge, including 60 already residing at the Animal Welfare Center. Tulum housed 17 pets, Benito Juarez took in 16, and Bacalar sheltered 14. The majority of the animals were dogs, but the shelters also welcomed cats and even a duck.

In addition to these efforts, rescue operations were conducted for stray dogs in the Othón P. Blanco and Benito Juarez municipalities. In a remarkable effort, 50 dogs from the “Cachorrilandia” shelter in Leona Vicario, Puerto Morelos, were also rescued and transported to Cancun.