People participating in a pride parade, holding rainbow flags and a sign, expressing LGBTQ+ community support.

Don’t Miss Playa Del Carmen’s Epic Pride March on June 15

The Solidaridad government will be waiving municipal fees for gender identity change applications throughout June. This initiative, organized by the Directorate of Sexual Diversity and Civil Registry, is aimed at supporting couples participating in equal marriage. Additionally, facilities and support will be provided for the organization of the LGBTTTI pride march scheduled for June 15.

Junny López García, Director of Sexual Diversity, explained that couples from the LGBTTTI community who are participating in equal marriages can complete the necessary paperwork at the Civil Registry for free. The deadline for document submission is June 21, and the event will take place on June 28 at Portal Maya.

The traditional pride march, which typically attracts hundreds of participants, is set to take place on Saturday, June 15. The route will start from the Poliforum sports unit and end at the 28 de Julio civic plaza. Police officers will be present to ensure the safety of all participants, regardless of their gender identity.

Unlike last year, when a 50 percent discount was offered, this year the municipal payment for the procedure for changing gender identity will be completely waived. However, the state payment of 706 pesos will still be required.

For more information, interested parties can contact the Directorate of Sexual Diversity at phone number 984 877 30 50 extension 10162, or the Civil Registry at numbers 984 87 73050 extensions 13018 and 13019 and 551702 6021.