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“4+ Tons Paper Recycled for Free School Textbooks in Quintana Roo”

The Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure (Ifeqroo) in Quintana Roo has donated over four tons of document archiving paper to the National Commission of Free Textbooks (Conaliteg). This generous contribution was reported by José Rafael Lara Díaz, the general director of Ifeqroo, who stated that a total of 4.920 tons of paper were donated to Conaliteg.

This is the third donation by Ifeqroo, bringing the total to 10.315 tons of paper. This amount of paper can be used to create 30,945 free textbooks. If each student is given five books, this donation could directly benefit 6,189 primary school children. The two previous donations consisted of 1.500 tons and 3.895 tons of paper, respectively, which were also given to Conaliteg.

Paper recycling is a crucial process for environmental conservation and the sustainability of natural resources. It gives a second life to material made of cellulose fiber, which is primarily sourced from tree wood. The paper was delivered to the authorized recycler "Cartón del Sureste" by Conaliteg in Quintana Roo.

Recycling office material is particularly valuable. For instance, recycling a ton of newspaper saves approximately a ton of wood, while recycling a ton of printed or copy paper saves just over two tons of wood. This is because pulp manufacturing requires double the amount of wood to remove the lignin and produce higher quality fibers than mechanical manufacturing processes.

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Conaliteg is a decentralized public organization of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). Its main objective is to provide free books to students in basic education who are enrolled in the national education system.