A handwritten sign appealing to the President for help with land issues, with people and vehicles in the background at an outdoor location

Terrifying Eviction Threat Looms Over 100 Families in Colonia Tren Maya, Tulum

Over 100 families residing in Colonia Tren Maya, situated south of Tulum's municipal head, are living in fear of an impending eviction. This fear has been heightened by a security operation conducted in the area on March 26 by the State Attorney General's Office, aided by the armed forces. The residents are aware that they could be evicted from their homes at any moment.

Frank Molina, a resident of this irregular settlement located on the outskirts of the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto federal highway at kilometre 222, shared that the community is rallying together to protect their homes. They have been living in this area for 15 years, significantly longer than the recent invasions occurring within the municipal head of Tulum.

Molina revealed that the community has been on high alert since they were informed of a potential operation to enforce an eviction order. The fear of being expelled from their lands has disrupted their peace. When asked about the decision to settle on these lands over a decade ago, Molina stated they were invited to cultivate the land. He admitted he was unaware of who is claiming ownership of the property but acknowledged the existence of an eviction order.

In response, the community has put up banners pleading for support from Mexico's President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama. The residents vow to remain vigilant and continue their fight for the land, which spans approximately four hectares. They firmly believe in the principle that "the land belongs to he who works it".