A man speaking into a microphone in front of a group of attentive people, with a panel of six individuals standing behind him, in what appears to be a seminar or community meeting setting. The audience is seated, facing the speaker, and everyone seems to be engaged in the discussion. The panelists exhibit diverse reactions, with some looking pensive and others waiting for their turn to speak. The room has a brownish tint with simple decoration, and the event looks formal yet inclusive.

Secret Education Community Meeting Revealed: Wage Increase Details!

In a move to foster closer relationships and constructive discussions with the education community across the state, Liborio Vidal Aguilar, the Head of the Secretary of Education for the State Government of Yucatán, held a meeting with sector leaders and supervisors from Primary and Special Education levels. The meeting focused on concerns about the wage increase announced in May.

Aguilar explained that once they receive the relevant data from the Federation, they will provide a detailed explanation of how different income concepts will be applied. It was emphasized that the wage increase is a joint decision between the federal SEP (Secretariat of Public Education) and the National Union of Education Workers. For state employees, the State Government applies the same benefits each year.

During the meeting, the Secretary of Education's commitment to maintaining open dialogue with the education community and providing timely information about benefits was reaffirmed. The sector leaders and supervisors expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to voice their concerns and pledged to adequately inform their teams about the wage increase.

Aguilar reiterated his appreciation for the work of teachers, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping society. This informative exercise will be repeated in schools to continue the dialogue with teaching staff and education support personnel.