An aerial image showing a section of a town submerged in floodwaters, with streets and houses partially under water and trees scattered throughout the area.

“Southern Quintana Roo Hit by Heavy Rainfall: Class Suspensions Ongoing”

Othón P. Blanco and Bacalar, two municipalities in Quintana Roo, continue to suspend classes due to heavy rainfall. The Secretariat of Education of Quintana Roo (SEQ) has confirmed the suspension will extend into tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18, for all education levels. Meanwhile, classes in the rest of the state will continue as scheduled, under the watchful eye of the State Civil Protection Coordination.

The decision to suspend classes is a safety measure in response to flooding caused by the intense rainfall. The impact of the floods has been substantial, even disrupting high school entrance exams in some cases. The SEQ has announced plans to reschedule these exams for the affected students.

Meanwhile, the city of Chetumal is still grappling with flooding issues. Efforts are ongoing to provide aid and drain the excess water. The @SeopQRoo is actively involved in clean-up and drainage operations in the impacted areas.

The class suspensions will remain in effect until further notice. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and working tirelessly to restore the affected areas.

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