An underwater photo showing a variety of sea plants and coral formations with small fish swimming around them.

“Reviving Coral Reefs in Quintana Roo: Hoteliers’ Bold Move!”

The Association of Hotels in Cancun, Puerto Morelos & Isla Mujeres (AHCPMIM) has pledged its support to the Oceanus A.C. Reef Restoration Program in Quintana Roo. This commitment is part of the association's efforts to conserve local marine ecosystems and aid in the recovery of coral reefs.

During the 35th Cancun Travel Mart in October 2023, the association joined the initiative to restore the coral reefs in the Mexican Caribbean. The Oceanus A.C. Restoration Program aims to increase the number of thriving coral colonies on the reef by transplanting specimens grown in coral nurseries.

The project, which focuses on the coast of Quintana Roo and the Gulf of Mexico, includes the creation of specialized nurseries for the cultivation of healthy coral fragments. Once matured, these fragments are permanently transplanted to restoration sites to encourage reef recovery.

Oceanus A.C. has already transplanted over 84,000 coral colonies in the Mexican Caribbean, resulting in an average 2% increase in coral coverage at restoration sites. Local groups have also been trained to expand restoration efforts, and collaboration has occurred with national and international projects to further marine conservation.

However, the summer of 2023 saw a significant bleaching event on the Caribbean reefs due to climate change, jeopardizing their survival. In response, plans are underway to establish thermal refuges in Cancun, where coral nurseries with fragments of resistant colonies will be installed to repopulate affected reefs.

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The AHCPMIM's contribution involves supporting the development of the Restoration Program in the northern area of Quintana Roo throughout 2024. The goal is to cultivate a larger number of coral colonies and facilitate the reefs' recovery.

The association warns that with 90% of reefs at risk of disappearing by 2050, significant conservation and restoration measures are essential. They invite the community to participate in the Restoration Program, adopt a coral, and support the recovery of the reefs at

The association also encourages activities that reduce carbon footprints, voting for policies and leaders dedicated to environmental protection, and supporting companies with strong sustainability commitments.