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Unleash Your Wanderlust with Plannin’s Influencer-Driven Travel Platform

Two former executives from Priceline have launched Plannin, a travel booking platform that capitalizes on the influence of social media personalities. These 'influencers' help plan trips and earn a lifetime commission of 5% for every booking they facilitate.

Plannin's unique commission model allows influencers to earn money from their audience even if bookings aren't made immediately. This is because travel purchases are often not impulsive, with many bookings taking place between 15 to 60 days after an account is created, according to Andrew Loewen, one of the platform's founders.

The strategic placement of influencers is a key aspect of Plannin's business model. It ensures a consistent stream of content and traffic on the platform. The company believes that travelers will appreciate authentic recommendations from influencers they trust and share interests with.

On Plannin, influencers can share details about their latest trips, recommend hotels, and post travel photos. They earn income by sharing an affiliate link on their social media platforms, which their followers can use to register on Plannin. Travelers, in turn, can access these recommendations and book hotels directly through the platform.

In related news, a well-known influencer will be promoting the destination of Tulum in India to attract tourists. This initiative was one of many introduced at the OTM Tourism Fair in Mumbai.