Aerial view of a coastal marina with boats docked in calm turquoise waters, surrounded by buildings, under an overcast sky.

“Emergency Food Aid for 292 Puerto Juárez Fishermen – A Beacon of Hope in Times of Need”

As a result of severe weather conditions that halted their economic activities, 292 fishermen from various cooperatives in Puerto Juárez were provided with food aid by the local authorities of the Benito Juárez municipality.

Tiburcio Buenfil Batún, a fisherman for over 36 years, expressed his gratitude for the assistance. He described it as a lifeline during a challenging period, especially as the rainy season often forces them to stop working, impacting their income and household sustenance.

Beatriz Maldonado Chan, a chef from one of the local cooperatives, confirmed that the inclement weather annually affects their work due to a decrease in customers and limited alternative sources of income. She highlighted that this is the first time in her 23-year career that they have received such aid.

Susana Tamayo, a member of the Cooperative Society, encouraged the public to support local businesses, help reactivate Puerto Juárez, and enjoy the culinary delights of Cancún.

The food aid is part of the 'Food Assistance Social Program for Priority Attention Persons,' overseen by the National DIF System and administered in Cancún by the Benito Juárez DIF System. The aid distribution was spearheaded by the Acting Head of the Municipal Presidency of Benito Juárez, Pablo Gutiérrez Fernández.

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