mayan train in merida

Merida’s Mayan Train Station Will Be Built in Teya

The station planned for “La Plancha” was deemed to difficult to deliver on time.

MERIDA – The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (FONATUR) announced that the Mayan Train project in Mérida has been modified. For the moment, it has been decided not to start the construction of the station to be located in the area of “La Plancha”. It is has been decided that the station of the railway system for the city will be located in the Teya area.

mayan train in merida

This determination was made from an analysis whose results show that to make the construction time of the project more efficient, it would be necessary to modify the route. Problems regarding construction and mobility within the city would then be avoided. 

The commitment is to deliver the railway system in 2024, an outcome which can only be reached through the efficient use of time and resources. 

The current administration will now contemplate the projects around what would have been the station at the polygon known as “La Plancha”, as well as the secondary development works that were planned in this area. These will be considered later by the corresponding authorities for future growth.

FONATUR will continue to collaborate with the three levels of government to continue improving the project, for the benefit of the population of the southeast of Mexico.

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