Aerial view of a busy construction site with workers, excavators, and machinery amid excavation work and building materials

SHOCKING: Mayan Train Pillars Filled with Stones!

The construction of the Mayan Train's southern section 5 has raised concerns as the supporting pillars are being filled with stones. Over time, these stones could settle by 10 to 20 centimeters, leading to a sag in the column. This sagging could potentially instigate a domino effect, causing other pillars to collapse.

Engineer Wilberth Esquivel Zanoguera has criticized this method, stating that the stone-filled foundation lacks the strength of concrete. The vibrations from the train could further destabilize the structure. The decision to use stones instead of concrete is a cost-cutting measure, which some view as a corrupt practice in the train's construction.

Drone footage reveals heavy machinery pushing stones into the drilled holes. This section, stretching from Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras, is overseen by the Secretariat of National Defense. Esquivel Zanoguera has claimed that corruption is rife in the train's construction, from the suppliers to the misuse of materials like stones. This flawed construction practice could lead to a structural collapse and jeopardize the safety of the Mayan Train railway track.

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