A police pickup truck with flashing blue lights parked on an urban street at night with buildings in the background and a cordon in place.

Fatal Shooting in PDC Drinking Dispute

A man was fatally shot during a heated argument in the 28 de Julio neighborhood. The incident took place late in the evening while the victim was reportedly drinking with a group of people. The disagreement escalated, leading to one individual drawing a firearm and shooting the man.

Police officers arrived at the scene, situated at the intersection of Cobá Street and Cozumel, but were unable to apprehend anyone. An ambulance was called to the scene, but paramedics confirmed the man's death upon arrival. The area was subsequently cordoned off in preparation for the arrival of the State Prosecutor's Office.

This incident occurred in close proximity to a recent shooting, where a house was targeted by armed individuals just five days prior. Thankfully, no one was injured in that incident. In a similar event last Saturday, five people were arrested on the same street for discharging firearms during a dispute.

Local residents have voiced concerns over the non-functioning street lights, which they believe contribute to the area's insecurity.

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