A close-up of a person's torso with their hand holding a machete, with only parts of their body and the tool visible against a blue sky background.

Drunken Man’s Shocking Machete Attack on Police Officer in Playa del Carmen

A man, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, attempted to attack a police officer with a machete in Playa del Carmen. He was initially accused of theft, although the details of the alleged theft were not specified.

The incident occurred on 28 de Julio Avenue at the intersection with Playa del Carmen Boulevard. Local authorities were called to the scene following reports of a man attempting to steal.

Upon arrival, officers from the Municipal Police of Solidaridad were met with aggression. The accused man reportedly attacked one of the officers with a machete, but fortunately, he missed his target.

Following the failed attack, the man, believed to be intoxicated, fled the scene. This sparked a brief chase. The man was eventually apprehended after reportedly cutting his feet on broken glass while attempting to escape.

Due to his injuries, an ambulance was called to the scene. After receiving initial medical attention, the man was taken into custody and transported to the Public Prosecutor's Office. His legal status is currently being determined.

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