Aerial view of a luxurious beachfront resort with a large building, swimming pools, palm trees, and beach umbrellas along a white sandy shoreline adjacent to a clear blue sea.

“Hotel Giants Embrace Vacation Rentals: A Game-Changing Trend!”

Leading hotel chains such as Marriott, Accor Group, and Xcaret Group are embracing the vacation rental model. This shift is driven by the model's rapid growth and advancements in both investment and regulation.

Manuel Lozano, president of the Association of Leasehold Properties (APAR), revealed that these major tourism hotel groups are expanding their services to include vacation rentals. This trend mirrors the global shift towards time-sharing accommodation models by large hotel chains.

Lozano emphasized that the vacation rental model is not a threat but a new way of traveling for many tourists. He argues that it doesn't pose unfair competition, but rather, it presents an opportunity for coexistence.

He further noted that current laws allow both hotels and private individuals to participate in the hospitality industry through vacation rentals. This ensures a level playing field with fair taxation and fees, without negatively impacting any sector.

APAR is working to secure a place in the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council. Lozano believes they have a rightful place on the council, as they contribute significantly to the tourism industry.

Lozano also pointed out that this new competition encourages smaller entities to maintain high-quality standards and adhere to official regulations. "This isn't about flipping a switch and people appear," he said. "It's a service industry, and if you don't offer good service, meet the requirements, and ensure safety, you will be out."