Renewal Rally: Lili Campos Rallies Solidaridad in La Colosio march

Lili Campos, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Solidaridad, led a march in the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood, calling on residents to defend their community. This call to action comes after three years of successful renewal projects that have significantly improved the neighborhood, previously plagued by insecurity and neglect.

Hundreds of residents, in support of Campos's ongoing renewal project, participated in the march. The national PAN party, represented by Noemí Luna Ayala, also showed their backing. "This is the response of the citizens, this is true democracy," Campos stated. "We will not be defeated. We will defend our municipality, our families, and Solidaridad."

In response to the overwhelming support, Campos pledged to continue enhancing the neighborhood, one of the most iconic in Solidaridad. She promised better street lighting and improved maintenance of sports facilities. She emphasized the importance of collective effort in ensuring the continuity of these improvements.

Campos urged residents to vote and defend Solidaridad in the upcoming June 2 polls. She warned against those disguising themselves as Morena party members, but who are actually from the Green party. "I am here, once again, asking for your vote of confidence," she said. "Your vote on June 2 will ensure the continuation of our renewal and make Solidaridad the best municipality to live in Quintana Roo and Mexico."